Hi there, I’m Michelle.

I am a photographer and community-engaged educator.

I take great pleasure in helping people feel loved and valued exactly as they are and in seeing the immeasurably special something each person brings to this world. From the art that I create, to the projects I pursue, to the workshops I’m part of, I couldn’t do any of it if I didn’t believe that all of it, in some tiny measure, held space for others to be their quirky, messy, complicated, wonderful selves.

I mean it when I say there is art in the living – in the mess, in the struggle, in the beauty, in the imperfection. But sometimes I need a reminder.

I wrote my Master’s thesis on a photography exhibit of nude women, because I wanted to understand why it was hard for me to love my own body; I needed to know the system we’re all up against so that I could tell it to fuck off.

I have a PhD in English. I wrote about home and love and belonging in fiction, but I knew I was writing about home and love and belonging in life.

When I show up to photograph you and your loved ones, I arrive with a visceral belief that this time of your life is special; that showing up, saying yes to it all is a brave and vulnerable act; that you’ll look back and see all the beauty that wasn’t immediately apparent to you; and that it all mattered.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with me, and for any and all question you might have, check out these FAQs.